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Some fun pictures of projects made by me and my friends for you to enjoy viewing.

Filipino army cavalryman circa 1898 by Philip Garcia


This FILIPINO trooper has just reecently garnered U.S. national accolades as the 2006 overall 1st place winner in the annual Weekend of Heroes onesixth military figures convention held at Ontario California. Bravo Philip! Mabuhay ang Pilipinas!



Cavalry mainly acted as scouts or mounted infantry and rarely do "hell for leather" charges by the 1890's. Philippine Army cavalry as such were few in number and were used primarily as escorts for high ranking officers. Note the Philippine tricolor "cockade" at side of rider's hat at left figure.


Filipino Republican Army Soldier, 1898 by Pedro Javier. This soldier may have been a native ex-Spanish Army NCO or "Cabo" as evidenced by his slanted red cuff stripes. The stripes are detachable to protect the insignia as well as to facilitate laundering the uniform. The rifle is a Remington "rolling block" rifle, easily identifiable due to its three metal "rings". Left Top, U.S. Army soldier with a Gatling machine gun.


Colorized or handpainted "old" photograph by Ray Ortega