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La Guardia Civil de Veterana

Some images of the Spanish Civil Guard in the Philippines, circa 1890's.

A colorized photo of a native civil guard NCO.


Civil guard line private, peninsular officer and a native NCO


Civil guardsman in typical dark blue metropolitan service/ parade uniform. Note natural or "buff" leather belt and bayonet frog


Left side view of the same civil guardsman figure. Next, a civil guard wearing the rayadillo tropical campaign uniform.


Native NCO and Civil Guard. The Filipino guardsman is wearing a pair of "alpartagas", (the Spanish national footwear for peasants). The typical guardsman was armed with the Spanish license made Model 1887 Remington "rolling block" rifle.


There were many types of troops with which the Spanish enforced their rule over the Philippines, the Civil Guard being the most well known. There were the Quadrillos or provincial militias, Cazadores; which were elite Spanish Army anti-bandit hunters, and Carbineros; mounted troops armed with carbines acting as mobile police.