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Diary of an Assault....

Summer 1899 at the coast off Lingayen in Luzon, Philippine islands, an American armored cruiser drops anchor

Wading to shore did its magnificent cargo of men, metal and leather proceed hence

The Americans have landed !... and what fine lookin' infantry they were

Onwards they marched under the tropic sun

Their every step watched by Filipino sentries, anxiously awaiting their assault

The men secure the beachead

Gatlings at ready

Time to start the attack, c'mon boys let's move !
The Filipino bugler sounds the alarm.....parating na ang mga Amerikano!!! The officers form up the men, ready for the defense
Advance ! Preparen...Fuego !!
Charge !!! Boooom !!!...goes the archaic Filipino artillery
The din and clatter of angry rifles are slowly replaced with the mutter of wounded. The Filipinos scatter to fight another day, their ammunition critically short, while the Americans have few men to hold the ground and leave the field as well...just another typical day for Billy Mac's boys and Aggie's, another typical day in this here Philippine War.
Whew !....fortunately there aint' no real blood spilled this time. T'was but a reenactment, and don't I wish that someday the only experience of war mankind will ever need or have to see are real fine and kickin' battle reenactments.