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A Philippine War Scrapbook


The Philippine-American War or Philippine War was the first wholesale contact between American and Filipino peoples. The beginings of the long and testy Fil-Am friendship started essentially with a clash of arms, a tragic but unavoidable circumstance due to the prevalent attitudes and beliefs of that unique era of American manifest destiny and emergent Filipino nationalism held high by the combattants of this conflict.

Following preliminary pitched battles, the fighting degenerated into a muddy and savage guerilla war with both sides showing the worst and best of the human character. But at the end of it all was formed a bond of mutual admiration and respect which laid the foundations of Filipino-American friendship...a friendship that was to be proven unbreakable forty years later in World War Two, with Filipinos being the only south east asians conquered by the Japanese largely remaining loyal to the Allied effort throughout the war's duration.

It is the memory of the VALOR shown by that great generation of Americans and Filipinos in combat which we wish to pay tribute. To the brave Filipinos and Americans who fought in the Philippine-American War....We Salute You !





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